Our Statement on The Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg


This is not political...

I saw this adorable picture  immediately was inspired to write  about the impact of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on our country, on the law and on women’s rights. Then I spoke to an old friend of mine, who shared how disappointed she was that on Sunday following RBG’s death, her Pastor didn’t offer any prayers for Ginsburg or her family members – and I realized that we still have many fights ahead. I find it disturbing to think that my friend’s Pastor was afraid of the perception that they were being “political” and how that prevented them from being a Pastor.   

I have not been able to shake these feelings off. It is sad that it is felt that we can’t revere an icon because of politics….what happened to humanity, empathy and respect? After all, Ruth set the example when she reached across the aisle and had a close friendship with Justice Scalia despite political differences.

Not only was Ruth Bader Ginsburg a trailblazer for women’s rights and equality for all she was a woman who was a wife, mother and grandmother.    

Then yesterday, when I saw this picture it became very clear to me that I must write a tribute to this amazing woman.

She was 1 of 9 women in her Harvard Law School Class but got her degree from Columbia University when her husband accepted a position with a law firm in NY.  However, at Harvard Law School she could not even use the library because she was a woman. At a dinner party, she was asked if she feels guilty for taking a spot away from a man in her law school.   When she graduated and her fellow male classmates were going on job interviews and accepting job offers she was not able to get an interview simply because she was a woman.  Therefore, she took this and made a career in turning things around.  Below is a partial list of what she worked to accomplish:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a leading force in securing women’s rights to:


  • Obtain a mortgage without a male co-signer.

  • Open a checking account without a male co-signer.

  • Start a business without a male co-signer.

  • Get a credit card without a male co-signer.

  • Obtain a business loan without a male co-signer.

  • Obtain a job without gender based discrimination.

  • Obtain/retain employment while pregnant.

  • Obtain birth control without having to obtain husband’s permission.

  • Not to be forced to show proof of sterilization to obtain/retain employment.

  • Pension benefits equal to male co-workers.


Can you imagine having to live that way….I am grateful I don’t have to but its because of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and those who supported her to pave the way. She spent her time in law school not only excelling but also raising young children born during her schooling – not an easy thing to do.  However, nothing stopped her from accomolishing her goals.  Thank you Ruth, for leading the way with your strength, courage and tenacity.   RIP and we will carry on.