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Our Instructors


Lynda Sudah

MSW, Reiki Master, ATP

Lynda Sudah was trained in Usui Reiki by Beth Sciebienski, Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church. Reiki offers a beautiful energetic process to quiet our “Thinking Mind” and promotes self-healing in order to restore and maintain calm inner balance. Lynda is honored to provide a positive therapeutic alliance in a safe peaceful environment which contributes to healing the body, mind and spirit. 

Contact Lynda for Individual Reiki Sessions: 732-422-4490 or

Anne Koenig

Reiki Master

Anne Koenig was trained in Usui Reiki by Beth Scibienski, Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church and gives Reiki at the Healing Circle.

By setting our intentions on healing and love, Anne's desire is to help restore balance in our body, mind and spirit. With loving kindness, Anne is honored to help facilitate the energy healing using Rei (Holy Spirit) and Ki (energy that permeates all living things.) 

Contact Anne for Individual Reiki Sessions: 732-619-9184