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Our Statement on Black Lives Matter

A Statement From The Sand Hills Community Wellness Center on The Black Lives Matter Movement


"I am and always will be a catalyst for change." Shirley Chisholm


The mission of The Sand Hills Community Wellness Center is to reach out to the community by providing programs to enhance the growth of mind, body and spirit.

The mental health of the community is at risk right now due to the brutal and shocking death of George Floyd and the fallout across the country. Our bodies are at risk right now due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to threaten us all. Our spirit is at risk right now due to the broken hearts in the Black community - hearts that have been broken too many times. Enough is enough.

We stand with Black Lives Matter and we stand against racism because systemic racism is a public health crisis and is directly at odds with our mission.

The Wellness Center cares deeply about the health of our community and we have the infrastructure to be part of the solution to this public health and mental health crisis. We have therapists and practitioners standing by to offer services to help heal our neighbors.

We urge you to begin to have necessary, uncomfortable conversations within your networks, your homes and with yourselves. We were founded to reach out to you - please reach back.

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