Transition Gracefully Into The Fall Season!

September 15, 2017


Saying goodbye to summer – the barbecues, vacations, swimming—might not be easy. As difficult as it is to put an end to these months filled with fun and sun, now is a great time to hit the reset button, set new goals and get organized for the new season ahead. Let’s transition gracefully from summer to fall with these helpful tips and activities that will help keep you happy and well!


Reflect on the Summer: Gratitude or happiness journals can help retrain your mind to focus on the positive. Put a new spin on the gratitude journal and spend some time writing about each of your top 10 favorite memories from summer. Consider preserving your favorite memories in a photo collage or scrapbook too!


Start taking a Vitamin D supplement: Our Vitamin D intake decreases when the weather is colder since we spend most of our time inside during the fall/winter seasons. Now is a great time to take a Vitamin D supplement in order to boost your mood and immune system!


Get yourself ready for Daylight Savings Time: Go to bed earlier when you can, especially the week before the clocks change. Longer periods of darkness = longer periods of sleep!


Boost Your Immune System to Avoid Catching the Flu: Flu season is upon us! Make sure to drink plenty of water, wash your hands often to prevent sickness, and eat lots of nutritious foods. Beets, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, kale, pumpkin, broths, roasted squash, roots and sautéed dark leafy greens are all in-season foods that are great choices. Be sure to come to one of our Suppers Programs where you can cook and share a healthy meal with others in the community!


Fall Cleaning is Just As Important as Spring Cleaning! Clean out your closet, organize that back room, and rid yourself of things you don’t need. De-cluttering is therapeutic in so many ways!


Stay Busy: Research shows that individuals who lack social connections or report frequent feelings of loneliness tend to suffer higher rates of infection, depression, and cognitive decline, according to an article published in Journal of Health and Social Behavior. In the winter, we tend to hibernate if we don’t have things to keep us busy. Be sure to make plans with friends and family so that you get out of the house and stay connected!


Stay Active: This beautiful cool weather is the perfect time to take a hike in the woods or jog around the neighborhood. An active body is an important component to physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise or movement every day. It’s also a great time for some yoga! We have plenty of classes available at the Wellness Center. We are now offering Classical Yoga as well! Check out our website for days and times.





Embrace Nature: Before the winter weather arrives, get as much fresh air as possible. Nature is healing and benefits our wellness in so many ways. In addition, we are hosting a special event on November 4th that will celebrate the full moon! Join us for a Sound Journey Full Moon Ceremony – the perfect opportunity to attract positive energy into your life through this magical and healing practice.


Get inspired! What does it for you? An amazing book? A motivational speech? A concert from your favorite musical artist? Whatever your turn-ons are as far as inspiration goes, now is a great time of year for pursuing them. New season, new you! 

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