Family Constellations

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About Family Constellations...


Family Constellations is a healing system developed by German healer and psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger. Hellinger’s work illuminates the hidden, and sometimes harmful, loyalties within families. He observed that traumatic events, such as premature death of a parent, sibling or child, or abandonment, a crime, stresses during wartime, serious illness, suicide, or loss of everything, can exert a powerful force on families and affect later generations.


Entangled with difficult past events, a family member might experience patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, failure, chronic illness or unfulfilled relationships.


In a Family Constellations workshop, the facilitator and group work together to create a safe setting in which individuals have the opportunity to see, often for the first time, the hidden dynamics that lie at the heart of a difficult matter that is personal to the “seeker” but yet are universal to us all. 


Each member participates to the level or extent to which they are comfortable, while re-creating a gestalt-like past or present scenario (constellation). Here we begin to witness the healing power and the mystery of the Knowing or Morphogenetic Field in which all life exists.


Whether one participates in a constellation as a seeker, participant, observer or facilitator, we all emerge at least a little lighter, less burdened and more hopeful.   

Kerry Kay

Family Constellations Practitioner